Shorthair Cat Breeds

Shorthair Cat Breeds

What are the breeds of shorthair cats? In fact, there are a great many of them, and they live all over the world. In this section, we have tried to collect the most complete list of them, paying attention to each. The following breeds can be attributed to the shorthair, as an example.

Short haired Cat Breeds

American curl

This breed of cats can be not only short-haired, but also have semi-long hair. They are distinguished by an unusual structure of the ears, are very devoted to their owners, express great love and affection, and are great with children. These cats are able to quickly adapt to circumstances, smart and observant.

Bengal cat

These are pets of medium size, have a striped color of various shades. They are very inquisitive, active, have a sharp mind and get along well with other pets. In the formation of a standardized breed, ordinary domestic cats and, in fact, a wild Bengal cat took part.

Devon Rex

These short-haired cats have a very exotic appearance, large ears, with relatively small body sizes. They are very affectionate and strongly attached to their owner, friendly towards children and other pets. Devon Rex are playful and active, their intelligence requires knowledge of the world, observations and their own conclusions.

Egyptian mau

It has a spotted color, moreover, spots are also present on the skin, not only on the coat. These medium-sized cats have a good disposition, are very attached to the owner, playful and quick-witted. This breed is one of the most ancient, and has about 3000 years.


This blue cat comes from Thailand, from the high plateau of Korat. It is distinguished by good health and resembles a Russian blue cat , although it does not have such a dense coat. In its native country, the Korat enjoys a privileged position, and is considered a lucky cat. They are very active, inquisitive, can get along with other animals, but the inner nobility requires to maintain primacy.

Manx cat (manx)

The breed comes from America, from the Isle of Man. It arose naturally, thanks to which these pets have excellent health and high intelligence. A distinctive feature is usually considered the absence of a tail, however, some representatives of the breed still have a tail. They are very affectionate and sociable animals. Well perceived by children and peaceful dogs, excellent hunters.


The breed originated in Michigan by crossing Abyssinian and Siamese cats . Ocicat has a small size, spotted color and a very affectionate disposition. These cats are playful, inquisitive, quick-witted and normally treat everyone.


A very unusual breed of hairless cats, although, in fact, they have hair. An interesting feature is that the amount of wool often depends on the season. These cats in appearance resemble werewolves from myths and legends, in fact, the name is taken from mythology. The coat mutation arose naturally, and today there are hardly more than a hundred such cats.

Russian blue

A very famous and old breed that arose naturally in Russia. These cats are characterized by a soft, docile nature, high intelligence, excellent health, longevity and love for others. They are able to make friends not only with adults, but also with children. And their beautiful coat with a silvery sheen, grace and charm instantly captivate everyone.

Shorthair cats exist throughout the world, both as natural breeds and artificially bred. In this section, you can highlight a lot of useful information that will help you make the right decision when choosing a pet.