Rosette guinea pig (rosette, Abyssinian) – breed description with photos

Rosette guinea pig (rosette, Abyssinian) – breed description with photos

Rosette guinea pig (rosette, Abyssinian) - breed description with photos

A brief description that a rosette guinea pig usually receives: a cute little animal, funny and restless. Unusual appearance, compact size and ease of care makes the animals one of the favorite varieties of rodents.

Rosette guinea pig: a general description

The second name of this breed is the Abyssinian guinea pigs, although the homeland of the distant ancestors of the current pets is the central and southern part of the American continent. It was there that even before our era, the initial attempts to domesticate rosette pigs began, although there is a version that animals were used as victims in rituals or food.

As pets, they began to be bred in Great Britain from the middle of the 19th century. It took a little time for interest and love for funny animals to first appear in Europe, and later spread around the globe.

Rosette guinea pig (rosette, Abyssinian) - breed description with photos
Guinea pig rosette – red color

For a general description of the appearance, 2 words are enough: touching and funny. The unusual structure of wool arose as a result of gene mutations. Part of the hair changes direction during growth and twists into a funnel. As a result, rosettes are formed, which gave the Abyssinians their official name. It must be remembered that these rodents do not belong to the varieties of long-haired.

Experienced owners and breeders especially appreciate the formation of a rosette in the nose area.

Given that rosette guinea pigs are show species, an exact standard has been established that they must meet. The determining factor is the location of the outlets and their number. Main parameters:

  • purely β€œfunnel” must necessarily be even;
  • 4 are located in the back of the body, 4 main ones also go along the spine, there should be symmetrical rosettes on the shoulders;
    Rosette guinea pig (rosette, Abyssinian) - breed description with photos
    Location of sockets on the back
  • the crests of the sockets must be even, without creases and kinks, have a vertical direction;
  • the coat is relatively hard, in males this factor is more pronounced;
  • sideburns and collar should be clearly visible;
  • hair length is 3-3,5 cm;
  • the muzzle has a blunt shape, the head is triangular;
  • the body is square, compact;
  • narrow shoulders blur the line between head and body.
Rosette guinea pig (rosette, Abyssinian) - breed description with photos
The determining factor of the standard is the location of sockets and their number

The main recognized colors are divided into 2 groups:

  1. Self. The condition is uniformity. Acceptable colors: red, cream, black, white.
  2. Agouti. Corresponds to natural wild coloring.

There are also piebald and tortoiseshell Abyssinians.

An adult reaches a size of 28 cm. The weight of a male can sometimes exceed 1 kg. The largest females weigh no more than 900 g.

Features of the breed

The main feature of Abyssinian guinea pigs lies in their character. They are distinguished by friendliness and good nature. They do not tend to bite the owners, and it takes a little time to tame.

Rosette guinea pig (rosette, Abyssinian) - breed description with photos
Abyssinian black guinea pig

Among the main advantages of pets are:

  • the possibility of maintenance for asthmatics and allergy sufferers;
  • ability to get along with children;
  • high development of mental abilities;
  • strong immune defense.

Another amazing property is subtle hearing. The animal can hear the owner outside the apartment when he climbs the stairs. In this case, the pig begins to squeak happily.

Rosette guinea pig (rosette, Abyssinian) - breed description with photos
Abyssinian agouti guinea pig

Additional properties of character and temperament:

  • love to sit in the hands of the owner and rumble with pleasure;
  • with a special credit of trust, licking a person’s fingers;
  • fear of sudden sounds and movements: with a sudden change in the situation, a panic attack may begin;
  • according to some owners, their favorite delicacy is fresh cucumbers.

The virtues of the Abyssinians include good health. Visits to the veterinarian can be reduced to a minimum if:

  • follow the rules of care;
  • Responsible for the selection of food;
  • give your pet enough affection and time.

Under these conditions, a pet lives from 8 to 10 years.

It is easy to determine that a pet is unhealthy: rosette pigs are characterized by activity and restlessness, a constant interest in the new. If the animal has stopped eating and does not leave the house, then the disease has nevertheless overtaken the animal and you should immediately contact the veterinary clinic.

Rosette guinea pig (rosette, Abyssinian) - breed description with photos
Rosette guinea pig color cream

Under natural conditions, animals live in groups of 5-10 individuals. They tend to build burrows together and coexist within the same territory. However, when kept at home, rodents exhibit such a behavioral feature as pugnacity. Accordingly, it is categorically impossible to settle 2 males in one cage.

When trying to settle together 2 opposite-sex, but adult rodents, they need to be given time to get used to each other. The process takes a month and is not always successful. Individuals from the same litter who grew up together will get along really well with each other.

Guinea pig sockets: price and purchase rules

Now for thoroughbred Abyssinians often give out animals that are defective in the location of rosettes or color, as well as mestizos. If you want to purchase a purebred Rosette pig, you should contact trusted nurseries or breeders, it is better to follow the recommendations.

An animal without a pedigree is sold for 1000 rubles or less. Prices from breeders vary depending on the class of the piglet. A pet class, that is, an individual not intended for breeding, will cost 1000-1500 rubles. Breed-class pigs are more expensive, the price can reach up to 2000 rubles.

Abyssinian guinea pig care and maintenance

Abyssinians are considered unpretentious pets, however, a minimum set of care manipulations should be required, otherwise, the pet may fall ill, or its character will change for the worse.

Rosette guinea pig (rosette, Abyssinian) - breed description with photos
Tortoiseshell guinea pig

Cell arrangement

A small cage for a rodent is required, but it is important to pay attention to the length: the pig loves to walk, so the front and back walls must be at least 1 m. The dwelling should be equipped with the necessary devices:

  • a house in which the animal hides, rests or stores supplies;
  • drinker and feeder;
  • a manger for hay, can be attached both to the outside of the cage and to the inside;
  • toys – a wheel and a ladder, on which young individuals happily climb;
  • mineral stone for grinding incisors.

Sawdust must be poured at the bottom, but it is better to use specialized granules. It is better to arrange a toilet in the corner opposite the β€œdining room”. General cleaning of the cage is recommended every week, and feeders and drinkers must be washed daily.

Rosette guinea pig (rosette, Abyssinian) - breed description with photos
Abyssinian guinea pig – piebald color


The basis of the diet is a special industrial feed with the addition of grass in summer and hay in winter. Also, the menu should include fruits and vegetables, guided by the preferences of your own pet and the list of allowed products.

Guinea pigs do not produce ascorbic acid. It is necessary to provide them with a sufficient amount of substance with the help of rose hips, parsley, sweet pepper.

Owners of Abyssinian pigs should be aware that pet hair requires regular and thorough hoopoe. Once a week, the skin should be wiped with a cloth soaked in plain water to remove dead lint and dirt. It is also necessary to comb the wool with a special device with a soft working part. Hard plastic and metal can damage your pet’s skin.

Rosette guinea pig (rosette, Abyssinian) - breed description with photos
Abyssinian guinea pig babies – color black and red self

In addition to wool, attention also requires claws. If in the wild they are erased while running, then at home the animal does not have such an opportunity. It is necessary to purchase special scissors. Ears should also be cleaned. To do this, you will need a clean cotton swab and an antibacterial drug purchased at a pet store.

Rosette pigs love walks, but no less joy gives them the opportunity to try on the tooth absolutely all the objects they meet.

Important! If the pet walks around the apartment freely and without constant supervision, all electrical wires must be raised to a height unattainable for them. This will help prevent accidental electrical injury.

Owner feedback

The charm and unusualness of the Abyssinians encourages owners to choose them as pets. Most of the host reviews are favorable and filled with positive emotions.

Catherine, 35 years. β€œIn my understanding, Abyssinians are the best option for keeping at home. It took 2 days for my beauty to get used not only to me, but also to family members. Extremely tame, ready to sit for hours to be stroked. Cucumber soul – there is a cucumber next to it and it is impossible not to share it. We still have a hamster of the Syrian breed – they get along very well, they sleep almost in an embrace.

Sofia, 28 years old. β€œI have a very sensitive sense of smell, so when choosing a pet, I was guided by the absence of β€œaromas”. Abyssinians do not smell at all, and their rosettes are a sea of ​​​​charm. Our girl is sweet, quiet and calm. He eats well, especially apples. It is enough for her to change the bedding every 2 weeks. My son is a preschooler, just learning to take care of pets. So they established an excellent relationship, there were never bites, although the child showed negligence a couple of times.

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Abyssinian guinea pig (rosette)

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