Pointer Dog Breeds

Pointer Dog Breeds

Pointer dog breeds have firmly taken their place in the hearts of hunters. Dogs specialize in tracking game birds. A characteristic feature of the cops is the fading in the rack at the sight of prey. Orienting by smell, the dog approaches the bird as close as possible, feeling that the next step will frighten away the victim. Having stopped, she freezes with her paw raised up and waits for the hunter to shoot the game, so that later she can bring the wounded animal to the owner without damaging a single feather. Some dogs hunt only in the forest, others prefer to work on the water. A list of pointing dog breeds with names and photos will allow you to carefully consider each representative of this group. By going to the breed page, you can find out detailed information about its history, appearance, care features, as well as look at photos of puppies and adult dogs.

Pointing dogs are descendants of ancient hound breeds. According to their origin, animals are divided into continental (European) and insular (British and Irish). Among the continentals, short-haired cops, spaniels and griffons are officially distinguished. The inhabitants of the islands, in turn, are represented by pointers and setters.

Despite the diversity, Pointer dog breeds have common features: medium or large size, strong bones, lean muscle mass, hanging ears, a wedge-shaped head, and a heightened sense of smell. By nature, cops are non-aggressive, reckless, focused on the owner. Dogs do not get along well with other pets, however, with proper training, they are able to work in pairs or in the company of relatives.

Pointing dog breeds are excellent at navigating the terrain, so walking with your pet in the forest, you definitely won’t get lost – just command him to go home. Dogs can travel considerable distances without showing fatigue. Another plus of the cops is their ability to quickly switch from one team to another, to the delight of their master.

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