Medium-Size Dog Breeds

Medium-Size Dog Breeds

Medium-Size Dog Breeds are the most numerous category. The list of medium-sized dog breeds includes both compact pets, only slightly outgrown with small relatives, and large enough animals that are a little short of being considered large. Using the selection from, you can get acquainted with the names and photographs of medium breeds of dogs.

To be considered medium, a dog must be between 40 and 60 cm tall at the withers and weigh between 12.7-25 kg. These breeds are in high demand because they are generally suitable for keeping in an apartment and do not need much food. Parents most often decide to buy a medium breed dog for their child. The pet will have a fairly strong skeleton, and the risk of injury during the game is significantly less than that of a tiny dog. At the same time, during a walk, the child will be able to cope with the dog, keeping him on a leash.

Among medium-sized dogs, there are tireless hunters, attentive shepherds, hardy athletes and simply cheerful companions. Various terriers, spaniels and schnauzers belong to the group of medium-sized dogs. Pets can lead a measured lifestyle, or become real “perpetual motion machines”, gushing with energy.

By clicking on the photo of an average dog, you will be redirected to a page with a detailed description of the breed. Cheerful and versatile “middle peasants” are guaranteed to cheer you up!

List of Medium-Size Dog Breeds

Not surprisingly, small dog breeds are the most popular group. In it, everyone will find a pet according to their preferences. Do you need a good-natured companion, responsible watchman, talented hunter or sportsman? It’s all here! And, of course, a huge plus of medium dogs is that most of them feel great in an apartment. 

However, in choosing a breed you need to be very careful. When choosing a pet for an apartment, pay attention not only to its size, but also to its temperament. A compact dog can be so energetic that it will be more difficult to get along with her in the same room than with a Great Dane. It’s the same with sports companions. If your dream is to go hiking with your dog and play sports with him, the border collie is for you, but not the French bulldog. 

Medium-Size Dog Breeds are not similar to each other. One of them is characterized by great physical strength, self-sufficiency and even stubbornness. They are recommended for experienced dog breeders who are ready to attend special courses on socialization and training of dogs. Others are very good-natured, accommodating and obedient by nature, and beginners easily find a common language with them. 

Carefully familiarize yourself with the breed characteristics and features of caring for a dog. Assess your strengths. Will you be fine with this pet, and he – with you? Can you provide the necessary conditions for it? Some medium-sized dogs need only two short walks a day, while others require constant attention, almost 24 hours a day. 

Be sure to pay attention to the complexity of caring for the breed. There are dogs whose coat naturally looks well-groomed and care is minimal, while others, on the contrary, require regular haircuts and special care products. This is by no means a negative. A huge number of people really like to take care of their pet’s coat: give it a radiant shimmer, do hairstyles and creative haircuts. Plus, it’s another reason to spend time together!

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