Large Dog Breeds

Large Dog Breeds

The list of large dog breeds includes animals with high stature, strong bones, well-developed muscles and solid body weight. Thanks to the selection, you can find out the names of the largest dogs in the world, see their photos, read detailed information about the breeds of interest.

Large dogs always make a strong impression, look serious and status. For a pet to be considered large, its height at the withers must exceed 60 cm, and its weight must be 26 kg. Large breeds also include giant dogs growing up to 75 cm and above, weighing from 45 kg. The leading places in the list of giants are occupied by dogs, mastiffs and wolfhounds.

Large dogs often perform service and guard functions. Among them there are also hunting and shepherd breeds. The fluffy giant can become a great friend and companion, because the bigger the dog, the more fun! An alphabetical list of the largest dogs with a photo will help you navigate the whole variety of breeds.

With proper care and upbringing, large pets delight their owners with their calm, kind and affectionate character. Large dogs are fairly easy to train. However, before you get such a “voluminous” four-legged friend, you will have to evaluate the future costs of his food and maintenance. In addition, a large pet will need a spacious living space or an aviary. The catalog of breeds from will allow you to make a choice or simply evaluate the whole variety of species!

All Large Dog Breeds are very different, and even representatives of the same breed may not be similar to each other. However, breed characteristics make it possible to get a general idea about the dog: about its character, health, features, care, life expectancy, etc. 

Your main goal is to learn as much information as possible about the future pet. Read feature articles, visit exhibitions, communicate with breeders and experienced dog breeders. Make sure the dog meets your expectations so that you can create the best conditions for him. Responsible approach will lead you to the pet of your dreams!

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