Hunting Dog Breeds

Hunting Dog Breeds

A list of hunting dog breeds will help you decide on the choice of a pet, depending on your goals and personal sympathies. By clicking on a dog profile picture, you will be redirected to a page entirely dedicated to the breed you are interested in. A selection of hunting dogs with names will be indispensable for crossword lovers. Beautiful photos of four-legged hunters will be a nice bonus.

Hunting dogs trust a person at the level of instincts, so they are easy to cooperate with. Many representatives of this group are not used for their historical purpose, but become faithful pets and show stars.

Among the dogs of hunting breeds, it is difficult to single out the best, as they participate in various types of hunting. So, cops are indispensable when hunting birds. Dogs know how to freeze in the rack and wait until the owner fires a gun. Greyhounds are fast and agile animals, capable of accelerating up to 61 km/h. Long-legged handsome men can easily catch up with a hare, wolf, wild boar or fox. Spaniels, on the contrary, are peaceful and measured, thanks to which they will carefully track game on the trail. The hounds will undertake to pursue the prey with a loud bark and bring it either to exhaustion or to the feet of the hunter. Small and agile dachshunds have a good sense of smell and intelligence. They will stick their long nose into the hole and pull out the coveted trophy. Another group of hunting dogs are retrievers, which make kind, sweet and affectionate companions, but in which case they will bring a duck or other bird. The list is closed by terriers, whose name is translated as “burrow dog” and speaks for itself.

Hunting dog breeds are diverse, but there is something that unites them all – gambling excitement and the desire to please the owner.

Active and smart hunting dog breeds

Despite the fact that in the modern world many people breed such dogs in urban apartments, one should not forget that, first of all, these are dogs for hunting. So, they need activity, daily walks and physical activity. Breeds of dogs for hunting, for the most part, have great confidence in humans, and are not suitable for security functions.

Contrary to popular belief, not all four-legged friends intended for hunting should be of medium or large size. Some of them are quite miniature – for example, dachshund. Despite the fact that now this breed is bred as the best friend for the whole family, it was originally used for hunting, moreover, for hunting foxes and badgers. Despite their size, small hunting dog breeds can be very effective.

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