Hound Dog Breeds

Hound Dog Breeds

Hound Dog Breeds are one of the most numerous and well-known groups of hunting dogs. Hound dogs are especially valued when hunting game, when the dog finds, thanks to its sharp instinct, a trail and chases along this trail with loud barking, or pursues the game to its exhaustion. In this regard, hounds have long ears, large noses and a very strong physique. Hounds are excellent at long-range pursuit of game; they are very brave, hardy and energetic dogs. In this regard, in the process of selection, many types of hounds were bred, which were adapted for hunting a certain type of game. For example, otter hound , raccoon hound , fox hound ,bloodhound and many others. Hounds are divided into large, medium, small and pack hounds. There are related hound dog breeds , such as the Rhodesian Ridgeback and the Dalmatian.

Dogs that kennel clubs classify as hounds are a variety of breeds. Their diversity and eccentricity are explained by their origin from the most diverse geographical regions and cultures. Bred for tracking and hunting, hounds have an excellent sense of smell and high stamina. Tracking scents, chasing game, and deep bonding with their human companions are all hallmarks of this diverse group of dogs.

Hound breeds of dogs belong to the hunting group. Representatives of hound breeds look for prey on the trail and pursue it to the bitter end, which is considered to be driving to exhaustion or holding until the hunter arrives. Pets are active and reckless, they accompany the chase with a loud bark, thereby signaling the owner of their location. An alphabetical list with names and photographs will help you figure out which dogs are considered hounds.

Hound breeds are the most ancient of hunting breeds. Mankind took up the domestication of wild dogs to help them get game, and received loyal and dexterous companions. Then the possession of such a “hunter” became the prerogative of the nobles. And today, pets continue to be in high demand. Hound dogs have characteristic external features: well-developed muscles, slightly protruding ribs, powerful limbs, a nose with wide nostrils, and hanging long ears. Animals are distinguished by endurance – they can run for a long time without slowing down. The key to a successful hunt is the keen sense of smell of dogs.

Hound dog breeds are mainly universal hunters, although there are also individuals that specialize in specific prey – fox, hare, raccoon. The Bloodhound breed was bred to follow a wounded animal on a blood trail. Other prominent representatives of the group are the Russian piebald and Estonian hounds.

Thanks to the selection, you can see photos of hounds and get acquainted with a detailed description of each breed.

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