Guard Dog Breeds

Guard Dog Breeds

Guard dog breeds are designed to protect the territory of a private house or enterprise. In the selection of guard dogs, the names of breeds with photos are presented in alphabetical order. However, it is impossible to guarantee that a representative of a particular breed will ideally cope with his security duties – a lot depends on education and training. The main task of the fluffy watchman is to notify the owner of the approach of intruders, and not to attack them.

Guard dogs are different from other groups of animals, they can be seen from afar. Pets constantly inspect their possessions, where strangers will not be allowed. They can befriend their kindred in neutral territory, but will not tolerate intruders at home. Such dogs are smart, incorruptible, picky in everyday life. The best guard dog breeds are Moscow watchdog , Alabai , Caucasian and German shepherd dogs.

Guard dogs are large in size. Although small and medium-sized pets are also quite capable of notifying the owner of the approach of strangers, large individuals seem to be more dangerous and capable of attacking. Some breeds are native, having honed guard skills over the centuries, others were bred specifically to guard the house.

It is preferable to live a guard dog outside the city. In the case of apartment maintenance, you need to provide the pet with its own place with bedding and active daily walks. Of course, each case is best considered separately – that’s why on you will find a detailed description of the various guard dog breeds with photos.

Guard dog breeds have a number of innate qualities and instincts that make them ideal watchdogs. Here it is important not only the combination of excellent physical data, large size and intelligence, but also, ideally, the presence of certain subconscious mechanisms inherent deep in the nature of the animal.

The best guard dogs are, first of all, the Caucasian Shepherd Dog, the Moscow Guard Dog, as well as the Asian and South Russian Shepherd Dogs. Since not only innate qualities play a big role, but also the training system, it is believed that good guards are obtained from many other breeds.

Guard Dog Breeds – a Reliable watchman

The behavior of such a dog will be somewhat different – during a walk, it will carefully, sometimes several times, mark the surrounding territory, and in its possessions the dog can become an insurmountable obstacle for anyone who decides to encroach on your property. Many guard dogs are naturally aggressive, however chaining them up is not an option as it will only make things worse. They rather need early socialization and proper upbringing.