Curly Dog Breeds

Curly Dog Breeds

Curly dog ​​breeds look cute and playful. Such pets will never go unnoticed during a walk. Although there are not many dogs with curly hair, there are small, medium and large individuals among them. If you are thinking about getting a curly-haired companion, our selection of curly-haired dog breeds with names and photos will be useful to you. A detailed description will help you make the final decision, revealing the main aspects of the care and maintenance of the selected breed, its history, the nature of typical representatives, as well as advice on buying a puppy.

Most curly dogs belong to the decorative group. In order to maintain the beauty of their curls, you will have to work hard – carefully combing the wool with a soft brush, using emollients for washing, and, possibly, winding hairpins. If you have enough free time, and grooming procedures and communication with your pet bring joy, then a curly dog ​​is for you.

It is impossible to say which breed is the best, because each of them is interesting and beautiful in its own way. Poodles are the most famous curly dogs, famous not only because of their bright appearance, but also because of their high intelligence and ability to learn tricks. The breed has 4 varieties: large royal, small, dwarf and even toys, reminiscent of plush toys. Other popular small curly dogs are the Bichon Frize , or Frenchie. Curly fluffies have a cheerful and good-natured character, they do not like to sit idle. The complete opposite of the Bichon is the Black Russian Terrier . A large curly dog ​​is considered a Russian national treasure and perfectly performs official functions. A medium-sized pet, well known to many -English Cocker Spaniel with curly ears. Despite the fact that the breed was bred as a hunting dog, dog breeders value it as an affectionate pet.

Curly-haired dog breeds are a worldwide success because they fascinate at first sight.

Many Curly Dog ​​Breeds were bred either as water dogs to help fishermen or rescue people on the water, or as herding dogs to work in cold and humid climates, such as in the British Isles. These working dogs may not have spent much time at the groomer, but today most curly breeds require a fair amount of grooming to keep their coats clean and healthy. Many curly breeds either don’t shed, are hypoallergenic, or both, so this is an ideal choice for allergy sufferers .

Do you want to have a curly puppy? Check out the most popular, quirky and unusual dog breeds with lovely curly locks. And remember, you don’t have to look for a purebred dog – local shelters are full of curly puppies.

15 Dog Breeds with Curly Hair (With Pictures)