Aquarium Fish Species

Aquarium Fish Species

The world of aquarium fish is extremely diverse. Giants and dwarfs, predators and herbivores, peace-loving and cocky – sometimes the head starts spinning from countless names and characteristics. If you would like a quick update on a particular fish you are unfamiliar with, you can use the list of 50 popular aquarium fish names below. To get acquainted with some kind of closer, just click on the image and you will be taken to an extended article about the maintenance, feeding and breeding of this species.

The site contains more than 1200 species of freshwater fish that can successfully live in a closed ecosystem of a home aquarium. For convenience and ease of navigation, they are combined into several groups (Labyrinth, Viviparous, Carp, etc.), there is also a “Pick up a fish” tool that allows you to make a selection according to certain parameters: color, size, feeding method, etc.

Example. Not everyone knows the names of fish, and even more so their scientific names, but each future aquarist has his own preferences. Some like lonely predators, others prefer a flock of peaceful fish, some want red ones, others like silver ones, and so on. In order not to view everyone in a row, you can use the ” Pick up a fish ” filter and find suitable species for yourself.

Tropical freshwater aquarium fish are still a favorite among the inhabitants of aquariums, it is for them that most people buy an – a home for their maintenance. However, it is better to choose the fish you want to have even before purchasing everything you need. Since they have certain maintenance requirements: the volume of the aquarium, water parameters (hardness, pH, temperature), care. Some tropical fish are very hardy and quite suitable for keeping beginners; others are very demanding, do not tolerate sudden changes in the content environment. Also, aquarium fish are distinguished by their behavior: some are peaceful, suitable for any peaceful community; others are best kept in groups of 3 or more;still others are territorial and may not tolerate a community of their own species, or other fish. 

Aquarium Fish Species – Video

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